Mentoring programs for children and families, clients work together on projects and activities after circle time and discussion group activity!

Traditional Counseling:

Utilizing the Medicine Wheel by Francis Whiskeyjack and  the Seven Sacred Teachings and the Seven Deceivers books by David Bouchard

This program is developed by BWE in consultation with traditional Elders of the Blackfoot, Tsu T'ina and Cree Nations (local) 

BWE provides programs on individual and group basis:

This service can be developed with the family or agency to meet the specific needs of the client.  Based on the circle method, an inclusive design to assist in healing processes. 

Individual sessions in groups of 4 with breaks in between each group of 4 can go as long as agreed by family and or agency.

Please set up meetings to consult with us about developing services for you and your agency.

Professional Development Workshops and Retreats: 

BWE takes great pride in providing great settings for the services provided!

Workshops: see homepage

BWE provides professional development workshops based on the needs of the client population. Our agency can work with you to insert modules specific to your target population.

Modules include Aboriginal Awareness Training

- 16 hour session for general certification or 8 hour training refresher on current issues in Aboriginal communities for Children's Services Agency personnel and the management and staff of Children's Services offices.

- full day workshops are developed for teachers and support staff to assist them in understanding the Aboriginal student

- Courses in understanding the Residential School Experience are available with certification of completion based on length of courses

Retreats: 2 sites

Based at Elkwater deep in the Cypress Hills and in partnership with History in the Hills Society or in Mayerthorpe in a privately owned retreat site.

- Staff retreats that will take staff deeper into healing experiences, providing an  overnight experience with the opportunity to stay in a camp with elders and traditionalists to get a healing experience based on traditional knowledge.  Participants will gain knowledge on self care and have the opportunity to see healing practices in action. 

- Participants uncover the magic of storytelling and discover the meanings as interpretation exercises are engaged in and role played

- Participants take part in a Medicine Walk and begin to connect with Mother Earth as their healer. They are introduced to entry level medicine practices on a personal level only and will be instructed on how to follow up with further study, they will expand their knowledge on traditional harvesting practices and how to work toward balance in their own lives.

- Participants will learn about the history that has been uncovered at the archaeological dig and how those that have gone on before us bring us healing through knowledge of the past.


BWE Staff will come to your area/schools and do a storytelling program which includes a medicine walk.

Students and staff will have a full day program which includes an introduction to Aboriginal culture with the Medicine Wheel (each student makes their own Medicine Wheel approx 1.5 hr) and followed by a field trip to a countryside location and take part in a wonderful opportunity to discover the art of story telling in it's truest form! So bring a good lunch!  Students are engaged in stories through participation and role playing to learn basic concepts in Aboriginal culture and tradition. Students engage in processing the stories and how they relate to life in today's world. Students are introduced to traditional ways of knowing in the harvesting and usage of traditional medicine.  If your location is not viable for a field trip the program can take place in a nearby park or if necessary in your school yard but the traditional medicine may not be present in that location.

School must provide proof of insurance for field trip and a certified first aid teacher/parent. 

Students are not allowed to harvest or taste on the medicine walk Kokum will demonstrate and inform only.